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    (– by Raymond #6340 –)

    Hey Everyone,

    With the temperatures dropping and the white stuff on its way, gloom arrives with the month of November. We can't all wheel all year long, but this is when some of us get excited about trading the boggers and crawlers for studded tracks and carbides. So we tuck our 4x4s away for the winter and drag out the sleds.

    This coming February, my wife Angie is riding the the 15th Annual Kelly Shires Snow Run – the Kelly Shires Foundation is a foundation that helps women and families who have suffered a crushing breast cancer diagnosis by aiding them in their financial fight against the disease, helping relieve the some of the burden so they can focus their energy on their recovery. Kelly Shires started the Snow Run in 2000 and in 2004 she lost her 8 year battle with the disease. Her goal however was simple: women helping women. So if you have a little something you could spare to help Angie reach her fundraising goal of $2,000 for the foundation, it would be absolutely incredible, she will be snowmobiling in the women's only event on the first week of February.

    If you're feeling inspired and/or generous, please pledge to her page here:



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