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    Paul Oliver

    I have a Klune-V in a Cherokee behind a np-231 right now and want to get rid of it.
    Mounts between the tranny and tcase and comes with the shift cable, custom lever and mounting foot. Fits the NP231 Transfer Case and 23 spline input. Pretty versatile because you can shift the underdrive to Low and leave the tcase in 2 hi and ultimately have a 2LO or leave the tcase in 4HI (klune in LO) and have a rubcion 4:1 ratio. When the Klune (4:1) and tcase (231 @ 2.72:1) are both in low, you get a 10.88:1 low range.

    Price is $1000.

    or take the whole XJ with the Klune in it for $1500.
    It has a 6″ lift on 33’s. Not on the road right now.
    Had a 4.0 out of a yj put in it and never got it fully setup. I did have it running last year tho.

    If anyone is interested you can text me at 519-654-8282

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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