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    Well hello there!

    If you are looking for the most MANLY, most TOUGH S.O.B. trailer out there, then you've come to the right place!

    Up for sale is my baby, my M104 CND Military trailer. I got this baby last year with hopes of turning it into a bad-arse STEALTH camper. But unfortunately the time has come to sell it after just fixing it up. (lost my job)

    Some MANLY facts about this trailer:

    – After receiving trailer, grinded down all surface rust, primed, rust-proofed, and finally BEDLINED this bad boy in MATTE BLACK
    – Painted heavy-duty cover MATTE BLACK
    – Painted and BEDLINED original wood/steel side racks and doors
    – Welded original NATO jerry can and holder to the side for fuel storage
    – 5000lb carry capacity!
    – 24v to 12v conversion already done, and wired to 4-pin trailer harness
    – LED retrofit in original housings for that updated look.
    – RED LEDs for lighting up licence plate
    – Also fitted for AIR BRAKES
    – Comes with additional magnetic trailer lights
    – Comes with basically NEW 42" Michellin tires ($600 a piece)
    – Fully greased the axel and all grease fitting components

    – If needed, we can work in the Pintle hook hitch (purchased new, 30,000lb capacity, was $170)

    I pull this bad boy with my lifted V6 Toyota FJ and it pulls without a problem. I bet if you pulled it with a V8 pickup this this would fly like an eagle.

    DO NOT reply to this add if:

    – You are not a real man
    – You have at any point in time had your "Man Card" revoked, suspended, or denied.
    – Drive a Volvo, Hyundai, or Mitusbishi
    – DO NOT want to impress all the hotties that will be watching you pull this bad-boy
    – Upon showing this AD to your wife, she tells you that you are crazy, and you listen and move on to the next AD while apologizing on your knees

    Just so YOU know, this thing will pull anything from elephants, to firewood, to camper stuff, to ATVs, to all your girlfriends in their underware when they realized you were dating all of them but decided it didn't matter because you have this trailer.

    More pictures/video upon request.


    (– by jamesdantow #7419 –)

    hahaha… oops…


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