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    Terry Kwan

    I know this question has been asked a million times, but now it’s happened to me and I could really use some advice here. My current insurance company has refused to renew my policy due to my recent lift to my jeep. Can someone recommend a broker or insurance company friendly to lifted jeeps?

    Shawn Cleveland

    New jeep , old jeep ?
    Big lean on it , free hold ?
    New driver ~ “you know” tickets and shit or young ?
    I say call ask.
    hit the insurance company right up if you can and ask.
    I had insurance with this one company for years no claims ticket na da .
    I bought a new bike went to put insurance on it ! BOOM! no we won’t insure it ! WTF !
    Called around found a company yep gave me a quote and not bad so I asked I have the other bikes , cars ? It turned out after all was said and done I saved so much the bike insurance was free.
    So don’t be afraid to shop around.

    Shawn Cleveland

    If you can I would love to see this killer ” death trap ” JEEP. 🙂

    Terry Kwan

    Found a broker and a company that covers “High Risk” drivers and vehicles. In my 50’s, no claims or tickets, just the owner of a new 2016 “death Trap Jeep”. Very sad that the insurance industry frowns on modified vehicles that we as owners take such pride in building. I know there are alot of us out there. I see them on the road and the trails everywhere. I guess most people take their chances if they ever make a claim or get in a serious wreck. Sorry Shawn, haven’t figured out how to attach pictures if that’s even possible on this thread.


    I had the same problem with my previous insurance company. Once I lifted my 2015 4dr Rubi they considered me high risk. So I shopped around and found that State Farm had no problems insuring modified jeeps. Moved over my Home and vehicle policy with them and ended up saving almost 80$ a month.


    Sorry the company is All State

    Terry Kwan

    Was with State Farm, called All State but due to the amount I spent on my parts ($25,000) they wouldn’t touch it. Would have been o.k. with All State if I’d slowly added stuff over time. You know the old saying… “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.” If your insurance company says it’s o.k. with modifications, get it in writing!

    Jason Reed

    I’ve got lots of mods to my jeep but I’ve not reported any of it to the Insurance. I guess I loose if something goes wrong but that the risk I take.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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