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    Hi Guys, and Girls.

    Been wanting to join this forum for some time. My girlfriend got me a membership this Christmas and waiting on the access to the trail listings as of current. Picked up a 2014 Rubicon JKU in September. It’s lifted, on 315/75/17. Winch and winch bumper. First jeep. Fairly new to trails. Hopefully I can get out there and learn some stuff and meet some of you all.

    Also anybody know how long it takes for the trail listings to become active ? I completed the trail quiz on December 23rd. Thanks.

    Mark Appelman

    Hi Chris, i can’t remember exactly how long but i think i could gain access almost immediately after i completed the trail quiz. You mentioned your from the Markham area?

    Darlene Sine

    Hi Chris and welcome to the community. I was also able to gain access to the trail index immediately following the quiz.


    Hi. Yes I’m from Markham. It says there is a short delay to gain access but it’s been over 2 weeks now. I’m wondering if I should just redo the quiz ? I sent an email last week about it but got no response.

    Mark Appelman

    I too am from Markham. I sent an email to them shortly before christmas and never heard back until a week ago, i think my email landed in the spam folder and was just found and forwarded to someone before it got emptied. Have you tried consulting anyone on their Facebook page? Or you could retake the test, just an inconvenience of doing it again. I think majority of trails are closed for now until Spring. If you look in Latest News you’ll find an article about some new land that was just made available and i think that includes some winter trails if you’re interested.

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    I didn’t realize that they had a Facebook page but ill surely take a look into that.

    I retook the test on the 7th so maybe they’ll see that. Yeah I saw the new land with winter trails but it says you need your membership card in hand to enter. When we signed up it said it will take 45 days. Being the fact we’ve had such a dry winter I wanted to see if there will be trails that are still open for us. As well ill be out in Ottawa area closer to the end of the month and would like to try some trails out there.

    Where abouts in Markham are you ? What are you driving ?



    John Philip

    Hello and welcome..

    You got a nice looking rig there.

    You should get access to to trail data base very soon but as stated most trails are close for the winter. We use mostly crown land and because of that we share the trails with other groups.

    Check us out on Facebook as well and watch for up coming events even over the winter months. Then you can watch for the “newbie runs” in the spring. Helps get tou out with other newer people.


    Thanks guys. Looks like I have access to the trails now. Gonna try and head out to boundary road this coming weekend. Pretty excited for this. Can’t wait till newbie run. Would love to get pointers and tips from the experts.

    Arvind Bala

    Hi Chris
    Awesome rig.
    I head out almost every week….more overlanding type drives than serious off roading.
    Connect if interested.

    Mark Appelman

    Chris i am located in the Mcowan Rd and 16th Ave area of Markham. I have a 2004 RAM 1500 4X4

    Jason Scott

    Hey Chris, be sure and jump on the newbie runs fast as they fill up quickly. You will get a lot of it.

    If you want to head out to Southwind be sure another capable rig goes with you. Also there is an of4wd run there this weekend that Colin has setup. Registration consists of nonparashable food items. You can find the link on the of4wd Web site. I’m in Richmond Hill we should grab a pint some time.


    Hey guys. So I’m looking at doing boundary road this Sunday afternoon. Anybody interested ?

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