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    (– by Sailn Taco #8495 –)

    Hi everyone
      I just moved to Toronto from Calgary and figured this would be a good place to meet people for more wheelin fun. I wheeled with the CT4WD guys in alberta for the last 5 years till that shut down. Basicly started as a noob with a stock truck and had a ton of fun while learning all the 4×4 stuff. Went lots of cool places like Moab, the dusy ershim trail in california, and lots in and around alberta.

    Wheeled the Concession lake trail here in ON and that was pretty good so looking forward to more.

    Anyways the truck….
    Its what i think is a standard trail truck. Armour and Icon suspension to deal with the weight. Winch, lights, on board air, and all that stuff. On 285/75/16's with tundra brakes behind basic steelies. Only real big difference from most trucks is I built both bumpers from scratch.
    I have been extremely happy with it even after hammering on it.
    I don't have a build thread for the truck but here is the one with all the bumper stuff.



    (– by LugNutz #5331 –)

    Welcome to the forum and Ontario Patrick, rig looks sweet.
    Don't know if you've found these guys yet but http://www.sontt.com has a few OF4WD members, and may prove a good local resource for you.
    Hope to meet you out on the trails sometime, love to see that in action.


    (– by Sailn Taco #8495 –)

    Thanks LugNutz! Yea after some googling a few months ago i found out about the SONTT group. They seem like a good bunch of people. Just gotta say too that the trail maps you guys put together are super useful. Easy to find the trail head and the trail description was accurate. So yea thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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