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    Who’s going to the Newbie Run end of this month??

    Anyone planning to stay overnight the Friday or Saturday?
    I’m going!! And am stoked!


    I envy you. I was/ told when I joined I would be contacted, went on the website today to find it was full. Cancelled my reservation and lost my ‘day off’.

    Lucy Holley

    Tried to sign up before but it was too early, checked yesterday (exactly 4 weeks til the date) and it was full… bummer 🙁
    I have been offroading years ago, but not in my own vehicle and not as a driver, just hanging on in the back LOL Guess I have to wait til July now. Fingers crossed that we get in then!

    Giulio Montanari

    I thought I had a little time but that is not the case. The spots went very quickly (less than 3hours). I still have my room booked at the motel but I might have to cancel.


    Orie Cox

    Im glad to say im going! It for sure did sell out fast. This will be my fist time wheelin with of4wd but have been wheeling trials hear in minden sence my truck was new. I was out for a lil run last weekend. Tower line trail is great as it always is. Water is a lil deep but not bad at all. The shit house trail is a lil more wet but still in good shape.


    Does anybody know if I can bring my dog along for the trail ride?? He hates when I’m away from home, and he loves ridin in the Jeep!

    Chris Chitty

    I’ll be driving up from the Kingston area and was planning on spending the night Friday(Saturday potentially).
    Looking forward to meeting everyone, and learning how to properly wheel my jeep.

    Tai Nguyen

    I signed up at 9am on the dot. Really looking forward to meeting everyone. I’m driving up from Kitchener. Would also love to know if dogs are allowed.


    I am going too. Probably will rent a cottage for family nearby.
    So exited to hit the trail with fellow Jeepers.

    Nick McLaughlin

    Juuust missed the signups. Would have loved to join in though.. is there a waiting list incase of cancellations? haha

    Shawn Cleveland

    Glad to say I’m in going up friday.
    I’m looking forward to meeting you all
    I’ll be in A 2016 firecracker red jk 2 door with the soft top on ( up or down ) 🙂

    Greg Archer

    Just booked a camp site for the weekend! Cant wait !

    Rene Paquin

    Had plan to stay just the Friday but Rae from the south wind convinced me to stay the Saturday for the Saturday night fire and chat session. Looking forward to meeting you all.


    Had my FJ Cruiser less than a year. Looking forward to seeing what it can do. And how to do it! Bummed that I don’t have a CB radio. I’ll be driving in Sat morning from Oakville.
    See everyone there!


    I may drive there on Friday. Weather doesn’t seem to be nice, Rain and thunderstorm 🙁
    See you all

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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