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    any experienced Jeepers can help with a list of stuff we need to bring ?


    What a great we had! Beautiful weather and excellent riding conditions. Thanks to CC, Colin and Matthew for a great job leading the “Little Ones”. 😉
    Check out our water crossing! (2 attachments)
    I got exactly what I was hoping for out of this day.

    Shawn Cleveland

    Just got back We had a great time the wife ( Stacey ) our dog ( Foo ) and I
    We did the just above the little guys ( more adventurous ).
    We had just ” Jeeps ” in our group . just turned out that way.
    I tell you we found out what jeeps can do. It surprised me.and we had fun.
    We got stuck, had to turn around, pull each other out.
    All good left no one behind. Angie big thanks!
    I have to give thanks to OF4WD and your guides and sponsors “just jeeps , rock spyder 4×4.
    Man I’ll tell them I will be giving you a call ! 🙂

    Raymond Prince

    From all that I’ve heard about the weekend it seems that everyone had a great time. It’s good for newbies to see the issues that can arise on the trail and how you have to think quick on your feet.

    For anyone that didn’t make the sign up for this run make a note that registration for the July 23rd run will open Thursday June 23rd at 6pm.

    Raymond Prince
    OF4WD Director and one of the guides at the newbie run

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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