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    Mark Appelman

    Hello All, i am driving around my 2004 RAM,and i was on the july 2015 newbie run. I banged up my exhaust pipe while on the old logging road trail. Haven’t had time to get back to the trails since. I’d love to do more wheeling when the season opens again so i’m looking for recommendations on lifts / levelling kits for my truck. just looking for some weekend wheeling nothing hardcore so i’m not looking for anything like a 6 inch lift. something to give me a bit of extra room on the beginner type trails.Thanks!

    Jason Scott

    Not to steer you away from here by any means but you may want to hunt down some of the Dodge specific forums. You will be likely to find more expertise in what works for your rig there. A large portion of the ppl in Ontario wheel jeeps and Toyota’s, the full size truck guys tend to be spread a but thin so it’s harder to find someone who has already made all the mistakes and figured out what really works well.

    Orie Cox

    BDS makes good kits for thos trucks check them out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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