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    (– by M_Mac88 #7815 –)

    Waiting on my Boondock winch ready bumper and having a hard time deciding, truck weighs in at 6800 stock, I'm thinking a bit more now with the 35s. So I'm leaning towards Smitty or Warn both are comparable prices and offer the wireless remote which will be handy having it mounted behind the bumper, was thinking a 12000 should be good? Just looking to get some feedback from some of you with hands on experience with winches as it is all new to me and what all your preferences are.


    (– by Moddz #7343 –)

    Our rig is a 2000 Excursion on 44" rubber. We just upgraded the 12000 lb Mile Marker to the new element sealed 15000 series from Mile Marker. They also offer the wireless remote and a clockable clutch housing making it really handy when hidden inside fabbed bumpers. This 15k winch is the lightest in the industry weighing what most 9000lb units do with the added benefit of being completely sealed. It's also installed inside a winch bumper with our custom roller fairlead. Hope this helps.


    (– by moejeep #5369 –)

    I have a Warn 9000lb, Quality Gear 9500lb and Smittybilt 8000lb.

    I have had the Warn 10 years, Only had 1 issue, I opened re-greased it and it was fine.
    Quality Gear 3 years, no issues
    Smittybilt in a box in the garage.

    I don't use the Winches that much (less then once a year).
    If I had to buy another I would buy a Warn. 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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