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    (– by LugNutz #5331 –)

    Hot off the presses

    For the month of June, our awesome Gold Sponsor Staangs Fab, is offering this exclusive promotion to all current OF4WD members.

    25% off all Staangs Fab branded products and services including custom fab work!!

    But wait! There is a catch!

    In order to receive the discount, you must say the secret catch phrase
    "Say Staang, Set me up with that sweet special, I'm in the club"  when you first call. And don't forget to have your OF4WD membership number handy.

    If you haven't seen their awesome Canadian made products, check out their site http://www.staangsfab.com and also the Staangs Fab Facebook page. Everything from custom bumpers and flat fenders, to full long arm suspensions systems and tummy tuck panels. Drive a Cherokee or Comanche? Well Staangs has you covered too, from custom shock relocation brackets, suspension and HD steering, to full body armour complete with fender flairs. Don't drive a Jeep? No problem, Staangs has a full line of Toyota, Nissan and Land Rover parts. More importantly, if you have an idea for customs parts, he's the one who can make them a reality.

    So check them out and don't forget the secret catch phrase.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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