Why Join the OF4WD?

By becoming a member of OF4WD, you are joining the ever-growing voice of the 4WD community in Ontario and beyond. Your support allows for the continuation of many of our programs and increases our ability to lobby effectively on your behalf. Memberships are not restricted to residents of Ontario, in fact the OF4WD has a growing number of out-of-province members. All memberships to the OF4WD, includes:

  • Liability insurance for the duration of the membership year
  • Ability to attend OF4WD events such as our annual Charity Trailfest Camp NL, Newbie Runs & More
  • Access to our ever growing Trail Index Map including updated information on current trail conditions
  • Enjoy the benefits of OF4WD discounts from our sponsor shops and businesses

Our membership period runs from January 1st until December 31st each year. If you sign up after the end of September you will be paying for the following membership year and get the balance of the current year free.

There are two ways you can join:

As Part of A Club
As a member of one of our clubs you will enjoy the benefits of an OF4WD membership as well as the perks of being part of a smaller local club. Your club delegate will represent your interests as a voting member at the OF4WD annual General Meeting. The rate for club memberships varies contact the club you are interested in joining to find out more information.  IF you want to join a club you will do so by contacting the club directly.

Check out our clubs page to find a club near you!

Previous expired members returning
If you were previously a member of the OF4WD and let your membership lapse please follow the link below to pay and reactivate your account.

Returning Individual Member (Individual members that have let their membership expire)
Returning Club Member (Club members that have let their membership expire)

As an Individual
As an individual member you will have the ability to vote at the OF4WD annual general meeting for your board members and for any issues or referendums taken to the membership. You are also able to sign up online and get instant access to our website:

If you are a brand new member that has never been a member of the OF4WD or were a member prior to 2015 please use the link below for new members

New Member (never been a member before)

If you have any questions or issues please email membership@of4wd.com for the quickest response.

Please note that OF4WD memberships are non-refundable.

Join OF4WD Today and Get All the Benefits!