January 2016 Board Meeting

The board of directors met for its January board meeting on Wednesday, January 13. Board members who partook in the meeting were Adrian Collison, Christopher Miles, Matt Mifsud, Peter Wood, Stephenie Blasko, Branden Jones, Christopher Allen, Evan Croskery, and John Hapla Philip. Raymond Prince was unable to attend due to work circumstances but provided notes on items he was working on. Also in attendance were club members Joel Bennett from BAJA and Colin Jardine from SSO.

The meeting included the following items:

Meeting chair: Peter Wood

  • Approved minutes from November 11, 2015, meeting (note: there was no December meeting due to the holidays)
  • Purchasing second Membee login to allow Chris Allen, our Membership Director, to be able to better manage memberships
  • Off Road Vehicle Initiative – May  1st signs inventory
  • Revised Bylaw 1.32 to ensure membership time frames are clearly detailed
  • South Wind trails post-launch briefing
  • CampNL cheque presentation date set
  • 2016 Newbie Runs (will be announced later this spring)
  • 2016 Charity Runs (will be announced shortly)
  • Ontario Power Sports Working Group update
  • Planning of 2016 Annual General Meeting date and location (will be announced shortly)
  • Updating financials on the website
  • Planning for 2015 financials filing
  • 2016 Camp NL dates and trails (will be announced later this spring)
  • Ministry of Natural Resources trail inspections
  • Highlands East and Greens Mountain update
  • Jeep Badge of Honor program
  • Website and email host provider transition
  • SharePoint transition and storage of corporation records
  • Membership renewals and issues with emails being sent to junk mail and deleted automatically
  • Articles for website, including President’s 2015 summary newsletter

201601 board meeting

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