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Ok, so I know that I sucked you into reading this by posting the Camp NL logo for this year. But this is a very important topic to read. It had to do with membership renewals.

Some of you may be aware that our membership period runs from April 1st until March 31st and some of you may not know. With the new membership system you would have received a notification email and a link that directed you to Your Account page where there was an invoice waiting for your membership dues if you were an individual member or the main contact for a full members club.

Now you may be wondering why you’re not able to access your account anymore? Well that’s somewhat simple to explain. With the new membership system we have the ability to run automations to make the position of our membership coordinator much easier when it comes to the renewal of club and individual memberships by having them automated. This means that there is no manual intervention required. So with that being said, any individual member or full member club that had not paid their invoice by April 1st was set to expired by the system.

What can you do now? It’s quite simple and not too difficult for the most part.

For Individual members who have expired, you can either follow the link that was sent to you with the notice that told you your access was being removed or you can go to https://www.of4wd.com/interact/join-the-of4wd/renew/ Be sure to use the same email address that you used when you signed up originally along with your first and last names. If you can’t remember your email or have any other questions please email membership@of4wd.com

For Full Member Clubs that have expired the process is just a little bit different. Since there is no longer an invoice associated with your account and if you wish to remain a full member club of the OF4WD you will have to contact us at membership@of4wd.com in order for us re create an invoice for you. Now as you can imagine this will take a bit of effort and this is why we’d hope to keep it done automatically so that we don’t have to manage manual invoices.  You then will have to submit your club roster updates and the required fee in order for your club members to have continued access to the website. Failure to pay your club renewal fee and your club member fees will result in your club members being set to expired shortly.

For club members you need to contact the head of your club or the person responsible for memberships within your club to renew through them. It’s their responsibility to submit your information to us to ensure that you do not lose access to the website and it’s features. If you wish to switch from a club member to an individual member please contact membership@of4wd.com

So now what is all this membership talk so important? Well we are very close to releasing the new and improved version of the OF4WD online trail index. On Thursday April 28th 2016, registration for our first newbie run of the season will be opening and in the near future registration will be opening for CAMP NL XIV. In order to take advantage of the items mention and more you need to be a member in good standing for the 2016 membership year which runs from April 1st 2016 until March 31 2017 (this is subject to change as we are looking at making the dates align better with our new membership process) For more information on out newbie runs or Camp NL please visit our event calendar here.

In closing I’d like to remind you as you might have guessed by the several times it was mentioned that the best way to contact the OF4WD for any membership related issues is to email membership@of4wd.com. I know that Facebook seems easy and convenient, or the online website form is the easy to access. But emailing is the best way for us to keep track of an issue until it’s resolved and we’re not always on Facebook or other social media to answer your questions. On top of everything else please remember that every member of the OF4WD Board of Directors is a volunteer. We all have families, jobs and other commitments on top of all the tasks we take on with the organization.



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