March 2016 Board Meeting

The board of directors met for its March board meeting on March 23, 2016. Board members present were Matt Mifsud, Peter Wood, Chris Allan, Raymond Prince, and Chris Miles. Guests present were Joel Bennett and Jason Scott. Adrian Collison, Stephenie Blasko, Branden Jones, John Philip, and Evan Croskery were unable to attend.

The meeting included the following items:

Meeting chair: Peter Wood

  • Review of financials for 2015
  • AGM preparation (presentation, insurance, bylaw 1.32)
  • MNR events list
  • May 1st seasonal signage
  • Spring Five Points trails meeting
  • Trail projects (T3.7, Forest Mountain, Rocky Ridge)
  • Minden Kinsmen event

2 responses to “March 2016 Board Meeting”

  1. orie says:

    Nice to see talk about Minden Kinsmen truck pull. Last years truck mud bog was great to see come back but they definetly need more insite into what wheeling is all about. The hole wasnt much more then just water and no obsticals to make interesting. It was a timed even and at end of day there was talk about how fast the trucks were going tru. There was lots of joke about things like stumps to slow them down but i really wasent jokeing. Lol They need to really diff the ATV mud bog race from the trucks we both want differant terranin. Its gonna be hard to make work im sure but is awesome to see this back in my home town.

  2. Matt Mifsud says:

    Hi Orie,

    We totally agree! A separate area or obstacle course for the Jeeps to run would be a great addition to their event. We have reached out to the Kinsmen about creating something fun for our members, so keep an eye out here on the website for updates!


    Matt Mifsud

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