Membership Renewal Information

It’s almost time for your membership renewal.

On February 1st the automated process for OF4WD membership renewal is set to run. What does this mean for you?

If you’re an individual member you’ll be receiving an email with a link to renew your membership online. You simply have to follow the link to renew. If you’ve lost the email you can also login in and go to Membership > Your Account / Renew for 2016 where you will find an outstanding invoice waiting to be paid.

If you fail to renew before March 31st your membership status will be set to expired and access to the website will be removed. If after this time you choose to continue your membership you’ll have to go to Membership > Join the OF4WD and follow the link to rejoin the OF4WD.

The process is similar for full member clubs. Your club representative will receive and email to renew the club membership. If the club does not renew before the cut off date access to all members associated with that club will be set to expired.

For club members you will have to contact your club to renew. You will have to pay your club representative who will submit the club list to the OF4WD.

If you have any questions please email membership@of4wd.com



Hey guys and gals,Just a couple things with the busy renewal times coming up.

First, the database hase now sent out the first bacth of renewal notices. We have had some emails bounced back because of incorrect email addresses in the system. So please everyone log in and verfiy not only your email address but while you are in there also verify your mailing address. There have been several instances there a street number is wrong, apartment number is not there, no postal code or only partial codes. The system should catch any new members however with technology there is are possibilities that when the data was migrated to the new system it wasnt caught where some didnt have an email address on file. Or even an home address. I want to ensure each and every one of you receive your membership package and I am doing my due diligence to make it happen. Please do yours as well and make it possible to have it make it to your door.

Also if you have any issues or concerns about your package not coming please email me at membership@of4wd.com. If you post on Facebook the messages get buried quickly, sometime i do not see them and only find out if someone lets me know. If you post on another forum, I probably wont see it. The only way to ensure i receive it is if you email the membership address. I understand some have said they emailed and not received a response and that may have happend as we changed our email service recently and everything now is complete with the new website, new host, new membership database, new membership processes, moving to a more automated system to make things easier for our membership to gain their access and get set up. That being said, with anything new there are small hiccups that may arise, but the power of the new system once the few minor issues are worked out is amazing.

All club renewals:

If you are or have contact with the membership coordinator of each club can you add me as a friend on Facebook and send me a quick message letting me know which club, I would like to speak to each one of you to explain the new club process. This new process will smplify the procedure, and hopefully avoid any missed memberships at the club level

Cheers and see you all in the spring on the trails!!

Christopher Allan
Membership Director


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  1. Adam says:

    Hello I was wondering if you do day passes and if so how much?? Or do you have to buy a year permits please email me back ..we are looking to come maybe this weekend

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