New Membership Package

As the OF4WD grows and evolves over the years the board of directors always look for opportunities to save money and bring better value to the membership.

One area of great expense was the printing of membership cards each year. While the design and concept has been above and beyond most organizations over the years technology has changed and become less expensive.

In recent years there has been more of a demand for members to carry a valid membership card. For members to utilize sponsor discounts a valid card must be shown at time of purchase. In addition to the membership card the need to identify a vehicle as a member in good standing has become more apparent as we expand the trails access further into private lands. Identifying a vehicle as a member in good standing also shows other user groups that you are one of the people helping to keep the trail system going through membership dollars.

In response to these needs the board of directors has found a more viable and less expensive solution bringing the members a better product.

The 2014 membership year starting this October members will now receive awesome new plastic membership cards designed by Aaron Darling. The card is image printed with your name and member number. On the reverse side is text stating you are a member in good standing with a provided window for a current yearly sticker to be applied.

This card will be used year to year by the member where upon renewal they will receive a new yearly sticker to be applied over the old one on the reverse side. If you happen to lose your card you can simply email membership@of4wd.com and request a new one at a cost of $5.00.

Notice to Clubs:
Cards for club members will now be mail to their home address rather then sent to the club heads. We hope this will reduce the administration effort for clubs and ensure all members receive their cards in a timely fashion. Please make sure your member roster is up to date with correct addresses for this year!!


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