October 25th 2015 Newbie Run

Hey Everyone, It’s that time again. Have you heard from your friends about how much fun they have had on a newbie run this year or have you missed out because of your busy summer schedule? Well now is the time to come out and enjoy the fall colors with some of your current Board of Directors and participate in the last newbie run this year. Are you new to off-roading? Do you have no experience? Do you not have anyone to show you the ropes? If you answered yes to any of the questions join the Sheppard run October 25th 2015! Grizzled veterans need not apply! This is a no pressure guided run for up to 30 new OF4WD driver’s through the beautiful five points trail system. At 8 am participants meet at the Tim Hortons in Bobcaygeon for a morning cup of joe and a little off-road ground school. An hour later we will depart for the trails. This is a one day event. A $25 donation is requested to offset the cost of the event. Passengers are welcome. You will be responsible for your own food and fuel. You must be a current member of the OF4WD in order to sign up for this event. Registration for the October 24th Newbie Run opens Saturday September 26th at 8am. Don’t miss your chance to attend and sign up soon. Register here Join the OF4WD

11 responses to “October 25th 2015 Newbie Run”

  1. Kevin says:

    Hey OF4WD

    If it doesn’t sell out, I would love to participate in the Newbie run as I have a friend who has never been off-roading and he can only do day trips (so he can’t make it to the organized trail runs). Anyway, just thought I would ask. I actually paid for the last newbie run as I was going to go as a demo vehicle for Staangs Fab, but i had to pull out at the last minute. would of course pay again, just mentioning that I almost went to the last one. Thanks.
    Kevin 6476

  2. Raymond Prince says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Have you participated in a newbie run in the past? You mentioned that you signed up for the last one and couldn’t make it.

  3. Ian D says:

    I just applied for membership and then registered for the newbie run, but I am not sure if I put in a proper membership ID. Couldn’t find it on the page, I guess I’d have to wait for confirmation rom someone. Want to make sure I ‘ll have space reserved for the run. Also, it says Oct.24 on the webpage, but Oct 25, Sunday on the registration form. Not too bothered either way just want to know when to show up. Thanks.

  4. Raymond Prince says:

    Ian, You are registered for the event and the date is Sunday October 25th.

  5. Derek says:

    I’m new to 4 wheeling, very interested in the newbie run. What equipment do you need to bring beyond your vehicle (stock wrangler unlimited)?

  6. Raymond Prince says:


    You don’t really need to bring anything extra for this newbie run. It’s good practice to have some of your own recovey gear (at a minimum a recovery strap) but your guides will have anything needed for this event and you’ll be learning about what you should be carrying when you’re offroad.

  7. Anthony L says:

    Hello, I am interested in doing the newbie run. I have a 2005 subaru forester AWD, will I be able to participate?

  8. Just Dave says:

    How many participants are signed up so far? Looking forward to Sunday!!

  9. Raymond Prince says:

    There are 21 participants registered and registration has been closed. Anyone that has missed out will have to wait until the spring to participate in the next newbie run.

  10. Jason says:

    Hello OF4WD,
    Messaged about joining the newbie run before registration closed. However, as a new member did not yet know membership number to properly register. Maybe I was registered irregardless? Please contact me and inform. I have multiple driver friends joining you and being a part of the group would make another car load of people very happy!
    Cheers and enjoy either way!

  11. Jess Hafermehl says:

    I finally got my log on for my memeberahip and noticed a newbie run this weekend… Can I register for this run??
    If so how do I register?

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