OF4WD Launches New Website

You asked for it and we have delivered! Last year at the AGM the members voted to fund a project to update the OF4WD website to bring it up to speed with today’s technologies. We are happy to announce the release of this new site!!

For the OF4WD a website is more than just a information sharing page. Our website is central to a number of our business processes too. The website is also our membership management system, our event sales system, and it hosts our forum and trail index. Finding the right solution to meet all these needs was a difficult task but the board took their time evaluating solutions to ensure the investment made would carry us for years to come.


We decided to purchase our new website solution from a company out of Alberta called Membee. This company specializes in membership based website solutions for non-profit organizations. Using Membee offers us a stable solution full of features to help us with our business processes and a full support agreement to ensure that despite volunteers that come and go there will always be a reliable resource  to reach out to for support.

Best of all it is so easy to use! This means there can be many people updating the site and content doesn`t have to go through one or two administrators. This means more information getting to you the member!

What will you get from the new website?

  • More frequent updates to news articles
  • Updated look & Feel, easy to navigate and mobile friendly!
  • An Updated Forum that works with the popular mobile app Tap-a-Talk
  • An online webstore (watch for items for sale coming soon!)
  • Sponsors specials posted on our home page
  • Easier to use event registration system
  • Social Media Integration
  • Interactive, comment on our news stories and let us know your thoughts

There are some features we couldn`t get into this launch but we are still working to improve stay tuned for more upgrades over the coming year to features such as the Trail index & map,

3 responses to “OF4WD Launches New Website”

  1. Kim Sibbles says:

    No one is commenting on our news, just wanted to make sure the reply feature works.

  2. Mr Happy Member says:

    seems to be working fine, thanks for all the hard work this entails.

  3. Stephenie Blasko says:

    The new website is great. The design is very user-friendly and there’s already a ton of content available. New sites always have a few hiccups and I’m sure some of the bugs will be fixed very soon. I’ve already used this new site more than the old one!

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