OF4WD Membership Period and Renewals


This post is just to clarify the OF4WD Membership period and explain the renewal process so that it’s a bit more clear.

First the Membership period for an OF4WD members is a calendar year. Specifically our memberships are valid from January 1st to December 31st each year. If you only sign up part way through the ear your membership is still only valid until December 31st and you need to pay the normal fees. The only exception to this is that in October a prorated fee is calculated by the membership system and you will pay less than the normal member fee but your membership is still only valid until December 31st.

Now for the renewal process. This all starts in September where you should have already received a pre-renewal notification. This is just a reminder that you will be receiving a renewal invoice in the coming months. On November 1st the system will automatically create and send out your renewal invoices by email. After that time you will receive some reminders if you still have an invoice outstanding.

Mid February(March 31st for 2018) an automation in the membership system will look at all accounts to determine if there is still an outstanding invoice. If that is the case the invoice will be written off and your account will be deactivate and you will no longer have access to the website.

If you have any questions or comments please email membership@of4wd.com



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