Mass and your 4×4

There comes a point when any off-road enthusiast is modifying their build where mass comes into play. For some 4×4 owners, it’s early on that the mass of their vehicle plays a part in their next modification decision.  For others, mass is not a consideration until farther down the line. … read more

First Jeep Modifications

  Article and photos by Brad Yhard, OF4WD Board of Directors 2017-present Note that this article represent the opinion of the author, not OF4WD.  There are many routes to modifications which are valid, this is simply my story. If you have read my last article (Bought a New 4×4) and took my advice, you have … read more

Have you heard any angry birds?

You probably think that I’m a little crazy right about now. But, seriously have you heard any angry birds or sometimes referred to as angry sparrows from under your jeep while driving? And with this I’m referring to a high pitched squeaking or squealing noise. This is an indication that your drive shafts require some … read more

Trailer Maintenance

Most of us who trailer our trucks to various events might not think much about the care and upkeep of the trailer we are trusting to transport our truck around the province or in some cases further. Although I keep my trailer maintained and have an annual safety inspection done on it I was caught … read more

No More Laughing at Noisy Brakes

While driving through Bobcaygeon Ontario after the 2011 five points tree clean, up my better half, Kim said what is that noise? Hearing the faint noise as well, we slowed down and hit the side streets looking for ice cream at Kawartha Dairy. While making a corner some guy yells, “Your jeep is making a … read more

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