OF4WD Partners With HATVA on Bridge Project

Over the course of two weekends in November the OF4WD joined forces with the Haliburton ATV Association (HATVA) for a bridge replacement project on a stretch of multi-use crown land that is being developed into a trail near Gooderham. The bridge was in desperate need of being rebuilt. Peter Wood, OF4WD President, is a member of the Highlands East Trail Committee. Peter learned of the dilapidated bridge during those meetings and offered the assistance of the OF4WD and we readily volunteered for the project.

T3.7 Trail

Photo by Steven Wallace Skidmore (HATVA)


The crew of volunteers spent two very long and cold days replacing decking on a bridge. This was heavy work that required moving large boards into place and nailing them down with 4 to 6” nails.

IMG_20151121_101749 IMG_20151121_112412

This project was funded by, in order of contribution (high to low):


This project was supported by an exceptional effort by HATVA and the OF4WD volunteer effort was substantial. The following individuals put in a large amount of travel time (some drove as far as 420 km) and time (average of 10 hours each) into the build: Branden Jones, Peter Wood, Matt Mifsud, Melissa Lange, Lucas Johnson, Jason Hayley, Peter Wood, John Hapla Philip, and Darlene Keeta Sine.


The project was a success. Through all the hard work of the volunteers the bridge was completed and will be ready for next year’s offroading season. Everyone worked incredibly hard with both the men and the women pitching in on lifting and nailing.

Pooling funds, resources, and sharing project costs on multi-use trails such as this one results in greater capacity and efficiency and a better trail system for everyone.


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