Ottawa Jeep Club Brockvegas Trail Clean Up September 2020

Several club members gathered at the trail end to clean up garbage that was noticed during the last run of the trail. By early afternoon we had two trailers full of garbage that were taken to a local landfill. Of note is that our club exec contacted the private landfill and explained what we were doing, and they accepted the garbage without charge, which was much appreciated.

Our plan was to run the trail after dumping the garbage, but we stopped at the site of an abandoned burned-out Ford Explorer that was blocking one arm of the trail system to assess how difficult it would be to bring it out for salvage. During the “assessment”, we winched it out from its muddy resting place of many years, and ended up dragging it to the trailhead. Club exec are arranging salvage.

OJC – Brockvegas (Youtube)

Update September 29 2020

Arrangements have been made to have the vehicle removed from the trailhead by a local salvage company. Any proceeds from the scrap value will be donated to the local fodbank.

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