Ray’s Winter Wonderland 2016

Come on out and try some winter wheeling on some private trails!


  • Where: South Wind Motel & Campground
  • When: Saturday, February 13 or Sunday, February 14, 2016
  • Drivers meeting: 9 am by the pool house at South Wind Motel & Campground
  • Who: Event is limited to OF4WD members (max of 20 registered trucks)
  • Cost: 4 non-perishable food items per person in your vehicle
  • Guides: 2+ guides per trail run


South Wind Motel & Campground has closed all their trails for the event to ensure that participants have access.

The event will take place over two days but participants can register for only one: either the Saturday or the Sunday. Registrants will be able to register for any remaining spots on February 1st.  Both days will include two trail runs with a max of 20 trucks.

The registration cost is four non-perishable food items per person in your vehicle which will be donated to the Minden Community Food Bank. When you register online you’ll be required to pay a $20‎ deposit which will be refunded to you when you show up to the event – if you do not show up the money will be donated to the food bank.

Accommodations are available at South Wind Motel & Campground. Only participants are able to book on these dates. If you’re interested in booking a motel room please contact Colin Jardine directly at CampNL@of4wd.com.

What to Bring:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Fuel (full tanks)
  • Recovery Gear (recovery strap, front and rear recovery points, tree saver, CB or FRS radio)
  • Warm Clothing
  • Donations for the food bank

Rig Recommendations:

  • Lifted
  • Rear locker
  • Winch

A note on damages: If any breakage occurs on the trails your guides will get you and your vehicle back to the parking lot at South Wind Motel. Guides will not attempt any repairs to your vehicle on the trail. Once back at  the parking lot you are responsible for repairing your vehicle or arranging alternate transportation. Due to the nature of wheeling in the winter there is a higher possibility that body damage could occur to your vehicle.

REGISTER HERE: https://www.of4wd.com/events/event-calendar/#id=10131&cid=1089&wid=1101&type=Cal

3 responses to “Ray’s Winter Wonderland 2016”

  1. Adam willison says:

    Hi I was wondering if you trails are available for people that are not in the group me and a few friends would be interested in some off roading sunday Feb 7th I was wondering how much it would be? And if you aloud people not in the group

  2. Stephenie Blasko says:

    Hi Adam! The trail index is in a member-only section of the website so to access it you would need to be an OF4WD member. You can read more about the benefits of membership here: https://www.of4wd.com/interact/. If you’re a member you would have access to the trail index. I personally have gone before with a passenger who was not a member – after the trail run they ended up joining.

  3. Orie Cox says:

    Anyone can go there you do not have to join to use the trails. There are great benifits for sure ( like being able to see all the trail in the whole province) but its not manditory. The trail index needs updated anyways (rays place is not on there as a spot to wheel and on the map is in wrong location). I live in minden and have been there a few times this winter. Awesome spot!!!!!! I would like to go with of4wd but no point in me steeling a spot when i can go when ever. I would go if there is space tho of4wd if you would like another tuck with a winch just let ray know he has my #. Anyone eles that has plans next weekend but wants to get out feb 20th come on out there is a few of us from minden planing a trail ride.

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