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This weekend the OF4WD road-show was on site for the first time at the Silver Willow Classic.  This event is put on to raise funds for the Silver Willow Animal Rescue. Laura Mcarthur has really been starting to get this annual event to take shape with all of her volunteers, vendors and participants.  This event really is unique, When I pulled in to the farm at around 10:30 pm on Friday night I wasn’t sure what to expect,  was the show going to be to much? Were there too many things going on at the same time, big trucks,bikes, custom cars, atv’s and pick-ups along with Jeeps.  I really wasn’t sure what i could expect for the first time ever there


The day started at 7:00am making sure merchandise was laid out, trying to run power, and waiting for that all important coffee, so I could function.   The sky was clear as could be, no clouds the day was shaping up to be great.  I met up with Laura to say good morning and to see what the plan was going to be for the day.  She is a supporter of the OF4WD, and stands by our mission totally.  Laura has tried in the past to have the road-show come out and attend, however there have been scheduling conflicts in the past.  I looked at my calendar and it was open so i agreed to bring the road-show to the event.

It was about 7:10am as spectators began to file in to the event on the massive farm, that has been set up to host the event. On the agenda for the day was ATV  bog runs and the truck bog.  I was able to make my way over and check it our from time to time and those guys fly… I have never had the opportunity to see them full on in action.   The one thing about the event right off the bat that impressed me was the dedication to safety.  There was caution tape everywhere.  They were making sure that people were not in a place where the day could turn tragic.  The days events went off without a hitch.  During the day the people kept coming.  classic cars and their admirers.  Done up big rigs and their admirers,  pick-up truck, Jeeps and everything you could imagine…even the monstercarlo.  20150705_122353


When the day was coming to a close and all the judging was completed the awards were handed out, the sound guys were setting up for the concert at night.  8 Second Ride from Kitchener was playing,  A young lady of 15 named Madison Galloway was performing in the vendor area, and she was then called to the main stage to perform as well, her proud parent were all full of smiles and it was great talking with them.  When 8 second ride came on and started to sing with the bonfire blazing high people were mingling with each other talking about everything and anything.  It was a great thing to see and be a part of.

Sunday morning was the morning i was waiting for.  The first time ever Laura has implemented a Tuff Truck competition.  Unsure of what, or who was going to attend this part of the event the nerves were high, and stress levels increased.  When Kris came over to the OF4WD booth and asked if I would like to move the booth over to where the course was I immediately agreed and my helpers for the weekend OF4WD members Dave Hogan, and Lorenzo Falzoi-Mazzuca (thank you for all you help by the way guys)began to make the move across the farm.  We wanted to start to draw attention so I talked to Kris about stack Mine and Lorenzo’s Jeeps on his Ranger he agree and parked it for us to stack on.  As Lorenzo and I were climbing up onto his tires, Bill Galle arrived in his buggy. and he stacked on my JK.


More and more started coming and we ended up stacking several vehicles and the spectators started to gather, we wanted to make the Tuff Truck the focus of attention and wow did we ever. More trucks started to come over and wanted to stack Mark Bachman, Scott Guest,  Pete Hamann all came over, along with Paul Papoutsis.  By the time this “promo” shot was done, we had 15 truck or so lined up including pickups, jeeps and buggys.





The day was amazing, 17 vehicles registered for the Tuff Truck event both buggy and trucks.  The course was difficult for some easy for others but the one thing that we all had in common… We all had Fun. I was not going to take the JK in but with a little coaxing from Scott and Pete, i decided i would try.  I was so much fun.  I was also given the opportunity to drive a buggy to pull out one of the competitors, (thank you so much Pete) i pulled him out twice when Pete said “come around him and finish the course in my rig” WOW that was a totally different experience in itself.  So the addiction grows…

This event was an amazing weekend to attend and I am glad i was there to represent the organization.  This event is going to grow and i am excited to see that.  With the help of some very experienced guys the Tuff Truck competition next year i imagine with be even better!!

Thank you Laura for inviting us up to this event see you next year!

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Chris Allan


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