Statement from OF4WD

Revised: May 10th.

With the added restrictions and local concerns surrounding COVID-19 please do not plan to hold any off-road trips before May 12th at least. This should be considered the season opening date.

Given the Ontario Emergency Orders and other government guidance on social distancing the OF4WD recommend that you:

  • Don’t plan trips with more than 5 people in total, and, do not have members from more than one household in the same vehicle.
  • Don’t plan to do any Crown land camping.
  • No camp fires.
  •  Plan on an easy day, avoiding challenging situations where recoveries may be required. It is crucial to maintain social distancing and avoid the risk of needing any external help.
  • Don’t plan on shopping or going to restaurants away from your home area. Take your own supplies, food and water etc. from home. Officials from local communities are discouraging out of town visitors to avoid overwhelming local businesses and services.

For addition crown land information please see the MNRF website: https://www.ontario.ca/page/recreational-activities-on-crown-land#section-1

Social distancing (They are bylaws in some municipalities and crucially important !),


Current Covid-19 related closures that we are aware of include:

1. VMUTS (notification posted on VMUTS facebook page)

2. Ray’s place. Please see his website, rayzplace.ca.

In the 5 Points area, we partner closely with the local ATV associations (KATVA and HATVA) on trail maintenance and other projects. They are instructing their members to avoid using the trails before May 12th.

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