The OF4WD is a volunteer-based organization working to represent the interests of the 4×4 community and to ensure the long term sustainability of 4 wheel drive recreation in the province of Ontario.

Each year at the Annual General Meeting we aim to elect 5 members to the board of directors. Each director serves a term for 2 years. After the AGM the directors meet to determine who takes on which roles. Often duties are shared or exchanged based on interest and skill set. The structure is intended to serve the goals of the organization but needs to be flexible enough to accommodate new challenges and changing conditions. Directors should expect to dedicate 2-3 days of effort per month to helping the organization, although time commitments vary widely depending on the task at hand and the season of the year.

Recently refreshed, this document is intended provide a framework for anyone interested in formally helping OF4WD: OF4WD Director and Executive Jobs

Our capacity to undertake projects to contribute to the community is constrained by the quantity and quality of our volunteers.

To volunteer with OF4WD a person need not wait for the Annual General Meeting or stand up to be a director. So much good work has been done by volunteers that only have time to work on small projects or volunteer a few hours of their time. Managing projects, decking bridges, meeting with other trail user groups, helping out at CampNL, road clean-ups, Adopt-a-Trail, selling swag, trail maintenance, investigating new trails and staffing the OF4WD Road Show all need volunteers that can help for a few days or a few hours.

If you think you can help on an adhoc or regular basis, please take a moment to sign-up.

A little help can make a big difference!

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