Toyota Enthusiast Club Ardbeg Adopt – A – Trail Cleanup October 2020

In early August, Evgeny from the Toyota Enthusiast Club sent out a call to their members for volunteers to participate in a cleanup of the Ardbeg trail & camping area.

The TEC club, who just adopted the Ardbeg trail this year, already recognized the need to be good stewards.

By September, they already had their plan all laid out for the weekend, and when the Ontario government suddenly slashed the outdoor gathering limits, they didn’t cancel or post-pone their event.
The Toyota Enthusiast Club took the time to pre-register everyone online and break everyone up into groups of no more than 5 trucks per group, and pre-assign them an area to be responsible to clean up to maintain social distancing.

The groups headed out to their pre-assigned areas and got to work cleaning up the trash and articles left behind by other users. Additionally the group working on the south trail stopped at the 2nd bridge and spent some time repairing the degrading gravel surface leading up to the bridge.

In the end, with all their trucks loaded with garbage and scrap, the Toyota Enthusiast Club removed over 700lbs of garbage from the trail.

Great job to everyone that lent a hand!

Don’t forget that we all need to Tread Lightly! and pack out everything that we pack in.

3 responses to “Toyota Enthusiast Club Ardbeg Adopt – A – Trail Cleanup October 2020”

  1. Igor Kordowski says:

    It was a good day of wheeling and a very smelly night sleeping in the bed of the truck…
    Maintaining trails while having fun – it doesn’t get much better!!

  2. Jan Kulesza says:

    Shout out to BAJA (Brampton Area Jeep Association) for giving us [TEC] a hand, bumped into them in the midst of the morning and they cleared up a site ahead and a bit of the trail ahead of us, we took the trash off their hands when we met back up. Was fun wheeling with you guys!

  3. Scott Tousignant says:

    This was an Awesome effort! Thanks.

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