Toyota Enthusiast Club Ardbeg Adopt – A – Trail Cleanup October 2021

October is the time when everything bursts with its last beauty. It’s when you get the last warm nights where you can socialize with old friends and make some new ones. As per annual tradition Toyota Enthusiast Club (TEC) has organized their fall cleanup weekend and successfully removed 500 lbs of garbage including a stove, freezer, beer cans, abandoned camping gear, automotive parts and other waste that is left by those that don’t share tread lightly principles.

Over the course of the weekend a group of 35 people went through North, South and Black Loop trail systems where they collected waste that was left behind.

TEC would like to thank everyone who attended cleanup weekend and helped to keep our trail systems clean for others to enjoy. We also would like to thank Dave Creasor from Municipality of Whitestone for granting permission to dispose of the waste.

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  1. Jan Kulesza says:

    Good work out there everyone! Another year and another truck load pulled out of there. A little less than the first run we did but that means we’ve made a big enough dent that we’re pulling more out than is left behind.

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