The Crown Land trails that we enjoy are a very precious resource. In keeping with the OF4WD primary mandate of ensuring the sustainability of 4-wheel drive-based recreational activities in Ontario, we are launching the Adopt-a-Trail Program.  With the variety of users that access these trails, the conditions are subject to change with regards to surface type and environmental impact.

OF4WD’s Adopt-a-Trail initiative is designed to allow members to become involved and take part in activities improving the longevity of the trails we all enjoy. Members involved with the program will monitor and report on trail conditions, to ensure any issue can be reported and acted on as needed.

How it Works

Individuals, groups, or clubs can volunteer to adopt a trail and take care of it as if it were their own. Much like the Adopt-a-Road program with the province of Ontario adoptees will ride the trail a minimum of twice a year, at the beginning and end of the season. Participants will gather and record information, in a simple form reporting pictures, trail conditions and possible problem areas with concerns to the environment or other user group needs.

Information will be submitted to a Trail Coordinator within the OF4WD organization where statistics and issues will be recorded. This information will feed into our Trail Maintenance Program trail clean-ups and maintenance activities can be organized; from cleaning up brush to fixings culverts and water crossings.

  • Meet new people in the sport
  • Contribute to the sustainability of public land trails for off-road use
  • Protect the environment
  • Help other trail user groups enhance their riding experience
  • Interact with other trail users
  • Help all off-roaders have an enjoyable ride on safe and well maintained trails.
  • Excellent opportunity for the family or friends to get together
Get Involved


Email your name and the trail you would like to adopt. If you  are emailing on behalf of a club please state the name of the club. All OF4WD members are welcome to participate.

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