Do you enjoy exploring new places, and have a fairly capable and reliable 4X4 vehicle?

The OF4WD wants your help in exploring new trails around the province and submitting data on trail surface and rating types.

investigationsOur new trail map system being launched in May 2012 has over 100 trails.  36 of these trails with over 345km require some investigative work before we can release this information to the general membership.

If you would like to volunteer your time and assist us with building the very first trail map system for 4X4 vehicles in the province please complete the form below.

Thank you for all your continuing support in building a brighter and stronger future for the 4X4 community.

Volunteer Call-Up List

No obligation volunteer sign up list. Sign up and we will contact you the next time a project needs a hand for a few hours or longer term. No requirement to be available.
  • If we don't know who you are, it makes it difficult for us to contact you
  • Not required but if you know it, it might help us contact you when the need arises
  • Email is the primary means of contact
  • Phone number may be used if we need to contact you by means other than email
  • Anything you care to add about how you would like to help or special skill sets you can bring to projects

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