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A sustainable off-road trail system in the Province of Ontario is the goal of almost every trail user we encounter as 4X4 users.  Riders want a safe and passage free trail where they can enjoy the scenery without running into downed trees or impassable areas such as mud holes.  Volunteers from all the different organizations are the back bone of providing this to the members where people spend their own money, time and equipment ensuring trails are clear and ready to use every season.

Your elected OF4WD board recognized this and passed a decision to purchase a tool that will help all trail users.  Something that none of the other users could possibly have but could find handy or strategic in maintaining the trail system.

With costs going through the roof when hiring contractors to bring in aggregate or level out an area so a 5 ton dump truck can get to the work site it was decided that we, the 4X4 community, already have some very useful vehicles, we just need to outfit one with all the tools required.  While buying a nice 4X4 truck was out of the question the board found a very unique device.

trailerA military M101A2 trailer was purchased back in January 2012 and a project plan and budget was established to make a versatile and capable trail maintenance tool.  This trailer was already imported to Canada from the US Military and had a modification done to it allowing it to dump loads of up to 1 ton in an off-road application.  Excellent, now we have a way to get materials to a site without upgrading half a trail and taking on that extra cost.

Great, we have a small dumping trailer, now what?

The OF4WD approached its devoted sponsors and a list was formed of items and devices the trailer could be outfitted with to make it even more useful.  As all the sponsors have different strengths and talents they took a simple M101 and made it into an unstoppable trail maintenance machine!


Autoworks Off-Road took on the task of ensuring the trailer was safe for use and ended up installing new tires that were trailer rated, maintained and adjusted the surge brake system, checked the bearings, fixed the parking brakes and adjusted the wiring to work on a regular 4 pin application


Off-road Addiction gave the members support with cash to buy tools such as shovels and rakes for the trailer.

Rock Spyder 4X4 also contributed cash for tools and sent us a large tarp and bungee cord cargo net to secure items.

Jeep Outfitters Peterborough donated an adjustable Pintle Hitch and a wheel securing device to be used when the trailer is not in use.

TMR customs donated safety glasses and gloves for the volunteers workers to use to ensure everyone goes home with their eyes and fingers.

Rubicon Grill donated a portable 1400 watt gas generator to be used for multiple applications.

Staangs Fab then took on the trailer and built a custom tool box to hold some of these items, it was powder coated by Firestorm coatings in Oshawa.  Staangs also build a custom adjustable pintle hitch for lower vehicles; believe it or not this trailer has a clearance of over 34 inches to the frame, very high!

CT Motorsports took delivery from Staangs Fab a short time after where they applied a box liner protective coating to protect the box of the trailer from rocks and debris being thrown in during work times.

Autoworks Off-Road once again stepped up and custom built raking for the long tools to be stored.  Shovels, rakes, pick axe and loppers are all stored in the sides of the trailer and easily obtained by workers while working on the trail.


Last but not least, our 2012 head line sponsor Just Jeeps donated cash to buy a military top designed for this trailer which was imported by a volunteer member from the Kawartha Jeep Owners Club.  This top is removable and will keep everything inside safe and dry from the elements.


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Many people and businesses are to be thanked for this project which has been tested and ready for use by the members.  We, your elected board, hope you find this trailer useful and trustworthy for many years to come.

OF4WD Members

Click here for full details and instructions on how to use and sign out this unique tool: Trailer Information

Other trail users?

If you are part of an another trail user group and would like to request OF4WD trail maintenance trailer for your trail maintenance project please send an email to trails@of4wd.com.




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